Our Story

Our Story

Golden Ridge Bee Supply - A Journey of Passion and Dedication

Welcome to Golden Ridge Bee Supply, where our love for bees and commitment to quality unite to bring you the best in beekeeping supplies. Our story is not just about beekeeping; it's about family, community, and the pursuit of a vision inspired by a deep-rooted passion.

The Beginnings: A Vision Takes Flight

Our journey began in September 2020, born from the seasoned experience and lifelong dreams of our founder, Amos Zook. With 19 years of beekeeping expertise under his belt, Amos embarked on a mission to establish a venture that reflected his dedication and love for these vital pollinators. This dream took a tangible form when we moved to Farmville and secured our license and insurance by the end of 2020.

Golden Ridge Bee Supply: The Emergence

March 2021 marked a significant milestone in our journey as we officially launched Golden Ridge Bee Supply. Our foundation was laid in the rich legacy of Forest Hill Bee Supply, where we honed our skills and deepened our understanding of beekeeping. However, the vision to establish Golden Ridge was inspired and encouraged by Amos's brother. He saw the potential in us to serve an expanding customer base locally, as we were already planning to move to this area. His belief in our ability to make a difference was the catalyst that propelled us forward.

Our Philosophy: Local Roots, Global Impact

At Golden Ridge Bee Supply, we believe in the power of local resources and the global impact of sustainable beekeeping. Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of our community, ensuring that our customers receive not only the finest products but also the wisdom and support of a team deeply entrenched in the art of beekeeping. We strive to be more than a supplier; we aim to be a partner in your beekeeping journey.

Looking Ahead: The Golden Ridge Promise

As we continue to grow and serve our community, our commitment remains unwavering. We promise to uphold the highest standards of quality and service, fueled by our passion and driven by the vision that started it all. Join us in celebrating the remarkable world of beekeeping, and let's make a positive impact together, one hive at a time.

Thank you for being a part of our story.